Staraero Partners Group
Insurance Approved Flight Training

About Staraero Partners Group

Staraero Partners GroupStaraero Partners Group is an initial and recurrent training facility based at Millville (MIV) New Jersey.

Readily accessible to all major and private airports in the tri-state area, the company’s 6000 square foot training facility provides instruction for high performance, single and multi-engine aircraft manufactured by Aerostar, Beechcraft, Cessna and Piper corporations. Staraero’s curriculum is based on factory approved training systems and procedural manuals designed for each specific type of aircraft.

The company’s philosophy is that a well maintained aircraft with a properly trained pilot are essential to accident prevention, and have an on-site maintenance facility to inspect each aircraft prior to training. Flight simulation instruction is available, but Staraero’s policy is to put the pilot in the cockpit of the equipment that the pilot is training to fly for most of the in-flight instruction. Research shows that this type of actual hands-on operation prepares the pilot for handling actual situations and emergencies that arise in flight.

Our program has been approved by:

AIG Aviation
Aviation Allianz Aviation Managers
Global Aerospace
U.S. Specialty
W. Brown
London Aviation Underwriters

Staraero and its staff of instructors have been providing this type of training for over 25 years. The staff includes three flight/ground instructors and two classroom ground instructors. Its Chief Course Instructor is Bob Pinto.