Staraero Partners Group
Insurance Approved Flight Training

Our Staff

Robert B. Pinto

Chief Course Instructor

Commercial Pilot ASEL, AMEL
Instrument Airplane, Rotorcraft, Helicopter, Glider

Certified Flight Instructor #157443879
ASEL, AMEL, Instrument Airplane, Rotorcraft, Helicopter
Ground Instructor Advanced

Total Time 17355
ASEL 2450, AMEL 11950, Rotorcraft 2850

PA60 Aerostar 4550
PAYE, Cheyenne 1, 2, 2XL  1500
PA31P, PA31-325-350, C421  2850
BE55, BE56, BE58P, BE60, BE90,   1995
C425  65
C337, C337P   1150
Other Glider/Experimental 300


Aircraft Dealer 1980 to Present
Check Airman Part 135 PIC
Status approval through South Bend FSDO
1986-1989 P.A.Y.E. Cheyenne1
Chief Course Instructor Indiana Aerostar Corp. 1990-1996
Chief Course Instructor Star-aero Aircraft Corp. 1997-Present
Mechanic Airframe and Power plant #157443879


John Caraher

Course Instructor Airline Transport Pilot
Certificated Flight Instructor

Total Time 5625, Multi 3650, SEL 1968, Jet PIC 2125
 Flight Instruction 698

 Chuck Copley CSIP

CFI Factory Authorized Cirrus Standardized
Instructor Program
Flight Instructor since 1970

Course Instructors

Richard Fekete CFI
John Caraher  CFI
James Robinson CFI
Michael J Carr  CFII

Chief Ground Instructor

Dan Armand


Robert Pinto

Galina Melnikova

James Gannone


James Gannone

Facility Director

Total Time 11000+ includes, 15 years Part 121, 135 and 137. 8500 Multi,   3500 Turbo-prop, 2200 Jet PIC, 3000 Night, 2000+ hours agricultural and forest fire suppression, Airline Transport Rating in 1979.


Type Ratings: CE-500, F-27, N-265

Captain for Southern Jersey Airways 1985-1989

Four-year contract flying the Cabinet Ministers, Generals and other VIPs for the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a North American Rockwell Sabreliner

Manager of the Training Department, Wimbi Dira Airways (Kinshasa, Capitol of the DRC)

  • Responsible for the set up of the training programs and initial training for all personnel; pilots to mechanics, Company Manual to Hazardous Materials.
  • This airline operated two DC9s scheduled passengers, a Boeing 707, 727, AN-12 and a DC3 scheduled and charter freight.