Staraero Partners Group
Insurance Approved Flight Training

Welcome to Staraero Partners Group!

Staraero Partners Group is an insurance approved initial and recurrent flight training facility based at Millville (MIV), New Jersey.

A Staraero course instructor and aircraft inspector will begin the training process with with a brief inspection of your aircraft. This check is performed to inspect for any typically known air-worthy problems on your specific airframe type. When we are done with this inspection we continue forward with you on the typical training and performance evaluations. A complete list of our initial or recurrent training courses are available. For information contact us at 856-293-9000, fax 856-293-1722, or at our general e mail addresses of or

We will work diligently to provide safe and effective pilot training for the owner/pilot, or for the corporate pilot operating an aircraft for a company or an aircraft owner. Our ultimate goal is to reduce or completely eliminate incidents, accident's, or insurance claims. Put simply, when this goal is achieved everyone benefits.

Our training courses have been approved by:

  • AIG Aviation
  • Aviation Allianz Aviation Managers
  • Global Aerospace
  • U.S. Specialty
  • W. Brown
  • London Aviation Underwriters